The Cafè


The maid café consists of a team with about 40 lovely maids, who will show you the world of japanese maid cafés!

There are enough sweets for everyone:
cakes, tarts and other sweet treats, which are made and decorated just for you.

Moreover: you can play and maybe even win against our maids in little games!
And of course we´ve got a very entertaining program: your maids will dance and sing just for you!

You can listen to them playing the guitar, or after you´ve won a game of Jan Ken Pon listen to their acapella performance
and at once take a sip or two of delicious coffee and finest tea.


Sounds interesting?
Then don´t miss the chance to meet us!

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Let our maids fulfill your dreams ♥


Besides our events, we offer you boundless possibilities to win exciting prices like photos, merchandise and autographs!
And if you want to support us with your ideas or other ways: just contact us through the given e-mail address.


♥Maid Yui♥      

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